Astrophotography by Stefan Ziegenbalg

Nebulae: small-field
Nebulae: small-field (< 1°)
Nebulae: wide-field
Nebulae: wide-field (> 10°)
Atmospheric phenomena
Atmospheric phenomena


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Jul 24, 2021: NGC 2903 in H-alpha and continuum light
Jul 19, 2021: SH2-101 (Tulip Nebula) and a nebula formed by a jets of the black hole Cygnus X-1
Jul 11, 2021: NGC 2403 and NGC 2404 in H-alpha and continuum light
Jul 07, 2021: M27: A planetary nebula
Jul 03, 2021: SH2-86: An emission nebula with pillars and Bok globules
Jun 22, 2021: 25°×35° view of Milky Way from Taurus to Perseus
Jun 14, 2021: 21°×40° view from M33 to SH2-126.
Jun 07, 2021: 21°×40° view of Milky Way from Monoceros to Gemini
May 23, 2021: 25°×34° view of Orion at up to 10 arcsec/pixel
Jul 13, 2020: C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)

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