Nebulae: small-field

This category contains photos of nebulae with an apparent diameter of less then 1 °. Newest or updated entries are listed on top.

For optimal viewing the monitor must be calibrated such that all shades of the gray scale are visible.

gray scale

Click on the images to see a larger version with description.

SH2-142 (Wizard Nebula) SH2-142 (Wizard Nebula) SH2-112 SH2-112 SH2-105 SH2-105 (NGC 6888, Crescent Nebula) SH2-101 (Tulip Nebula) SH2-101 (Tulip Nebula) M27 M27 SH2-86 SH2-86 SH2-252 SH2-252 (NGC 2174) SH2-254 SH2-254 to SH2-257 SH2-261 SH2-261 SH2-206 SH2-206 (NGC 1491) SH2-184 SH2-184 (NGC 281, Pacman Nebula) SH2-170 SH2-170 SH2-105 SH2-162 (NGC7635, Bubble Nebula)

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